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SCAR markers for early identification of female plants
Male-associated SSR markers.
Sex-linked SSR markers have been identified in hemp.
AFLP - Markers on the sex chromosomes - different classes, presence or absence of a fragment on the X and/or the Y. Five markers were found to be located on both chromosomes.
A novel high-throughput assay for the presence of the Y chromosome was developed based on the previously identified male-specific MADC6 sequence (Genbank AF364955.1), designed on a SNP between the sequences, and named CSP-1 that likely distinguishes a nonrecombining part of the Y chromosome.
MADC3 and MADC4 are Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers, which have issues with reproducibility and interpretation (Sakamoto et al., 2005).
MADC5 and MADC6 were reported to be nondiagnostic for sex determination.
As MADC6 shows some sequence relationship to retrotransposons, it is possible that the sequence was subject to copy number increase in the recent past.
5S rDNA and 45S rDNA were localized in different chromosomes pairs, one locus with 5S (interstitial or pericentromeric) and one locus of 45S (terminal).

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