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Humulus japonicus In some prometaphases, it was possible to observe 2 prematurely condensed Y chromosomes
Humulus japonicus Using DAPI fluorescence, sex chromosomes in Humulus japonicus displayed a unique banding pattern and different intensity. X-chromosome showed a segment located in the distal region of one arm, Y1-chromosome on both arms and Y2-chromosome was devoid of brightly.
Humulus japonicus Using densitometric approaches with Humulus japonicus, enhanced fluorescence of sex chromosomes was confirmed. The brightness of X-chromosome did not differ from those of autosomes, but Y-chromosomes were significantly brighter than autosomes and X-chromosomes.
Humulus japonicus X chromosome has only one terminal DAPI segment, Y1 has 2 such segments, and Y2 completely lacks C-banding/DAPI and FISH marks. Moreover, the male sex chromosomes showed distinctly stronger DAPI fluorescence.
Humulus japonicus Analysis of the 25 meiotic metaphase I chromosome plates shows that the intensity of FISH signal on the Y1 and Y2 chromosomes was higher if compared to chromosome X and autosomes.
Humulus japonicus The preferential hybridization of sex chromosome-specific DOP-PCR probes to Y chromosomes in FAST-FISH experiments indicates the presence of chromosome-specific repeated sequences.
Humulus lupulus It has been suggested that the expression of the male sex is determined by an X:autosome ratio, although the Y chromosome is indispensable for the full expression of the male phenotype.
Humulus lupulus Sex expression in hop appears to be controled by an X/autosomes balance system.
Humulus lupulus The analysis shows relatively the constant X : Y size ratio in cultivars of European Humulus lupulus ssp. lupulus (1.5 :1). In H.lupulus ssp.cordifolius, all the sex chromosomes in meiotic quadrivalent were of the similar size (ratio X1:Y1:X2:Y2 - 16 : 15 : 14 : 13 ). This contrast with the previous results both in Humulus lupulus ssp. lupulus and Humulus lupulus ssp. cordifolius. There were previously described three different sex-chromosome size ratios identifiable during male (XY) meiosis in Humulus lupulus ssp. lupulus : (i) ratio about 2:1, (ii) ratio about 1.25:1, (iii) homomorphic type. The heteromorphic sex chromosomes were previously described in H.lupulus ssp.cordifolius. Their X1:Y1:X2:Y2 ratios were: 14:12:10:7 ('Sinoto') and 13:11:10:3 ('New Sinoto')
Humulus lupulus Humulus lupulus North American males have the largest Y chromosome, with a X:Y ratio ranging from 10:8 to 10:10. On the other hand, European males have a ratio of approximately 10:5.2. X chromosome in European hops is almost twice as long as Y chromosome.

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