Marchantia polymorpha

Sex-linked genes

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The Marchantia U and V SDRs contain 75 and 99 total genes, respectively, including 20 gametologs that are expressed primarily in the vegetative phase and encode conserved green- lineage proteins
Similarity searches against the public sequence databases and M. polymorpha ESTs detected 64 genes, 9 in YR1 (Y chromosome region 1) (V chromosome) and 55 in YR2 (Y cromosome region 2) (V chromosome) Genomic PCR and/or Southern blotting shows for 25 of the Y-chromosome genes similar sequences also in female DNA, while the remaining 39 genes appear to be present only in the male DNA. Fourteen genes, one in YR1 and 13 in YR2 (V chromosome), are unique to the male genome and in addition show sexual organ-specific expression. These genes are thus candidates for male reproductive functions.
On the 10-Mb Y (V) chromosome, 64 genes are identified, 14 of which are detected only in the male genome and are expressed in reproductive organs but not in vegetative thalli, suggesting their participation in male reproductive functions. Another 40 genes on the Y (V) chromosome are expressed in thalli and male sexual organs. At least six of these genes have diverged X-linked (U) counterparts that are in turn expressed in thalli and sexual organs in female plants, suggesting that these X- (U) and Y- (V) linked genes have essential cellular functions.
The long established V chromosome carries genes of which only half have putative homologues on the U chromosome and those that do have homologs show signs of 6?30% divergence
Y chromosome genes expressed in antheridium, including homologues of mammalian genes for flagela development. 48 protein homologies. Extended data can be found in suplementary data file S6 of the source paper (Higo et al. 2015)
EST (expressed sequence tag) M01-017 Sex-linked to male individuals. Similar to Transformer-2 (tra2) protein of Drosophila melanogaster, involved in gene determination.
EST (expressed sequence tag) M01-E030 Sex-linked to male individuals. Similar to Vitellogenin, a female-specific lipoprotein of iguana, with a estrogenic function and involved in the development of vitellus.
ORF162+other genes The V chromosome contains five genes (besides ORF162). The ORF162 is present in the repeat region specific of chromosome V. One of the genes is similar to a male gamete specific protein in lilies and is only expressed in male sex organs, which points to the function on the male reproductive system of this gene.
RING (ORF162) A novel Y (V) chromosome-specific gene family was found embedded among these repeat sequences. This gene family encodes a putative protein with a RING finger motif and is expressed specifically in male sexual organs. Putative protein with a RING finger motif.

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