Marchantia polymorpha

Tandemly repeated sequences

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There is a region about 4 Mb of low complexity repeats in males in the V chromosome. The U chromosome has a larger repeat region, in which rDNA repeats probably take part.
There are specific heterochromatic tandem repeats in a quarter of the length of the V chromosome. These are organized in a mosaic-like structure of nested repeats, including various levels of repeats and subrepeats.
Several chromosome-specific sequence elements of 70 to 400 nt are combined into larger arrangements, which in turn are assembled into extensive Y (V) chromosome-specific stretches.
17S rDNA The U chromosome contains sequences of 17S rDNA
5S rRNA gene (fragment rbf62) There is a fragment in the U chromosome (rbf62) which holds a 5S rRNA gene
rRNA genes There are sequences of rDNA (5S, 17S, 5.8S and 26S) with more than 99% identity between the U chromosome an the autosomal rDNA repeat units, although the IGS (intergenic spacer) are considerably different.

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