Asparagus officinalis

Transposable elements

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Name Description Protein homology Other info Source
DNA transposons Including CACTA, Ac/Ds, MULE, Mariner, ping/pong/SNOOPY. 3.6% of the genome in total. Within them, the CACTA subclass is the most abundant element, which involves more than half of all transposon sequences and comprises 2.1% of the Asparagus genome.
LINE/SINE Low abundance
MITE 1.6% of genome
Ty1/copia Most abundant throughout the genome, 2x more than gypsy. Most of the repeat groups had similar abundance in males and females, which was in agreement with the fact that the sex chromosomes of asparagus are in the early stages of sex chromosome evolution.
Ty3/gypsy One of the most abundant TE families

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